A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Ballistic is a platform fighter stripped down to its core elements. You have 1 character, 1 button, and 1 move. The objective? Knock the other player off the stage!

4 wacky stages and native controller support ensure hours of bouncy mayhem! There is almost no learning curve, and it's excellent for parties!

So have a ball and get ready to go BALLISTIC!

Made for UCI VGDC Winter 2019.


  • Ramie Shreim - Production, Art, Programming, Design
  • Henry Nguyen - Art, Design
  • Theodore Lee - Programming, Design, Audio
  • Duncan Sparks - Programming, Design, Audio
  • Sabrina Yang - Design, Music
  • Kevin Huang - Music
  • Dorian Cromartie - Music
  • Anthony Cano - Announcer voice
  • Kiara Mendaros - Supervision

Special Thanks:

  • Shirley Nieto
  • Mayan Shoshani
  • VGDC @ UCI

Install instructions

Extract the files from the .zip.


Ballistic.zip 33 MB
BallisticOSX.zip 35 MB
BallisticLinux.zip 35 MB

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